Customized Programs Designed For Your Hospice

At HospiceRx, we understand that each and every hospice has different needs and goals. What works well for one hospice, may not work well for you. For this reason, we work closely with your hospice administrators and nurses to develop a program that fits your unique requirements and objectives, while also providing the greatest cost savings.

Flexible Pricing Options

HospiceRx offers different pricing options, and your account team will help determine which pricing model is the most cost effective for your hospice.

  • Per Diem - This is a great option for hospices that prefer to have a fixed cost per patient.
  • Fee-for-Service - This pricing model works well for hospices that only want to pay for those drugs that are ordered and dispensed.

Cost Containment

HospiceRx can help reduce your costs as your hospice PBM.

By 2019, Medicare hospice benefits are going to be cut by more than 11%, which is approximately $8 billion. Now more than ever, hospices are searching for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality of care. One of the ways to help you cut costs is better management of your pharmacy benefits through HospiceRx. Pharmacy costs can represent 2% – 10% of your reimbursement per patient, so reducing this number can have a large impact on your overall bottom line.

HospiceRx clients have saved an average of 20% per patient per day. Are you ready to see how much you can save?

Contact us today to learn how HospiceRx can develop a personalized program for your hospice to save you money on your prescription drug benefits.