Enhanced Clinical Services

At HospiceRx, our clinical team is dedicated to providing you and your staff with up-to-date medication information supporting an extensive list of clinical services. The clinical team is also committed to working closely with our hospice clients and when you contact our clinical department, you'll speak with a pharmacist right away. Whether or not you’re already managing the clinical aspect yourself, these services are sure to save your hospice time and money.

Formulary Management

HospiceRx has developed a special formulary specifically with hospices in mind. Our formulary incorporates the most effective medications at the lowest available retail cost. The HospiceRx Clinical Department will also manage non-formulary exceptions provided by your hospice staff.

Patient Reviews

The Medicare hospice Conditions of Participation (CoPs) are required for all Medicare-certified hospice programs and contain health and safety requirements hospices are required to meet. HospiceRx fully supports these requirements, and one of our clinical pharmacists will review each drug to ensure it is being utilized correctly under hospice diagnosis.

Auto Enroll Program

Enrolling a patient in the program is an easy process that can be done via phone or fax. HospiceRx also allows for auto-enrollment after hours and on weekends at any pharmacy in our network by simply providing a Prescription Authorization Form to the pharmacy in order to obtain initial medications. We understand that in a pain crisis, your patients need the medication right then and there. The auto-enroll feature provides that flexibility in allowing you to get medications at anytime, day or night.

Drug Utilization Reviews (DUR)

All claims sent to HospiceRx by any contracted pharmacy are subject to a wide variety of Drug Utilization Review (DUR) edits. These edits help ensure appropriate drug usage including:

  • Drug to Drug Interaction
  • Drug to Known Diagnosis Interaction
  • Over/Under Dosage Check
  • Therapeutic Duplication
  • And more...

Prior Authorizations

The HospiceRx Clinical Department will Prior Authorize any drugs as specified by the hospice provider. Prior Authorizations help to reduce the potential for misuse, abuse and fraud by verifying the drug, dose, length of therapy for diagnosis and more.

Contact us today to see how our clinical services can benefit your hospice.